Kwik Kar Lube & Tune #114 at 12380 Barker Cypress Rd at 290 in Cypress, TX. The owner is Albert Lee and his family. 5/15/08 had noise in the rear of the Suburban so we took to Kwik Kar and they said the rear end differential needed to be rebuilt - cost ~$2,500. Kwik Kar stated there were no other issues. I gave them permission to rebuild. 5/16/08 I received a call from the Kwik Kar stating that they did not check the transmission and that both the transmission AND the diff. had to be rebuilt - cost $5,200. I agreed to have them repair both items.

9/2/08 had a popping sound coming from the Suburban. We had Kwik Kar work on the Suburban. 9/3/08 I received a call from Albert Lee and he stated major repairs were needed - his quote $700-$1,400. Albert stated that these were new problems. 9/6/08 3:15 PM I met Albert & only item I authorized him to complete was a repair quote & initial. 9/6/08 6:15 PM Albert showed me a repair quote for $584. He wanted me to ok the quote - Kwik Kar to do the work. Albert would not print/initial a quote. Albert changed his story and stated that he completed the major work and he wanted a happy customer-BS. I did have a Goodyear Service Manager who is ASE certified inspect the Suburban on 9/8/08.

- I did not agree or give him approval to complete this work - only a quote.

- I asked Albert to show me all the old parts from the Suburban & Albert stated that he did not have the parts. Per the Goodyear Services manager - auto shops would not receive any credit & do not recieve same day credit. In the Goodyear all credits are picked up once per week.

- How did he order the parts/install/credit the parts in 3 hrs? Per Goodyear the standard time to complete is 5-6 hrs min.

- I asked him to show me all the new parts that were replaced on the Suburban. Mark who after inspection states that the parts that parts were not new installed parts.

My recent experiences with Albert Lee & Kwik Kar have been fraudulent and predatory practices. Albert Lee forces his customers to pay an exorbitant amount of money for unwanted or unnecessary auto repairs.

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